Good morning, guys!

Or, err…um.  Afternoon!

Right.  Let’s just overlook that and move on to the food, howzabout it?

Evidently I was blogstipated this morning.

And, a quick google search shows that somebody else has coined that term, but pooh all over them (no pun intended).

I was worried about the lighting this morning, but whoa! Lookit how blue my berries are!

Blogstipation is my Amor’s word.  In brief, it means being — ahem — “backed up” on your blogging.

When I logged on this morning, it appeared as though my Google Reader had asploded.

And, since I seriously love reading and commenting on everyone else’s blog, I could not post until I knew what everyone was up to.  I had to know.  Just had to.

Do you blog first, read later, or read blogs first, then post?

Look at all the maple-almond shrapnel bits!

I woke up feeling better than I had in a long while, and decided to go back to an old favorite and introduce it to a new friend.

I whipped up my banana quinoa porridge base, then made a maple-almond brickle to top my porridge.

Well, the brickle was a fluke, but a good one, I assure you.  I had meant to caramelize them, but I ignored them for too long, and they solidified.

I tried something new today, instead of my usual almond milk.

Nevertheless, it was a tasty mistake, and one I’ll happily make again.

And my new friend?

Coconut Milk Kefir.

Since I can’t eat yogurt due to my issues with dairy (and soy), and I refuse to pay two dollars for a tiny tub of non-dairy yogurt, I’ve had to do without forever.  So, when I spotted this coconut milk kefir at the Co-op yesterday, I knew I’d love it poured over my porridge.

Yes, it’s pricey, but compared to the cost of vegan yogurts out there, this bottle will last me over a week and totally worth the investment.

Oh, my, but this stuff is so good! Yum!

I read a blurb on another blog today about people who tend to “slip up” while eating healthy, then essentially say, “Screw it!” and binge on junk food for the rest of the week.

Back when I was a binge eater, that was me.  If I wasn’t 100% perfect all.the.dang.time, I threw my hands up into the air, bid adieu to healthy eating, and would dive head first into a week-long binge fest.

I honestly think I’ve changed.  Yes, I’ve had my treats this week, but never once did I think, “Well, shucks.  I’ve already slipped up and binged.  Might as well go to town on this pint of ice cream, block of chocolate, and Costo-sized bag of chips.”

Most of the time, I don’t actually crave processed food.  I actually prefer fresh, whole foods, prepared by myself.  I’ve enjoyed my servings of sweets and chips this week, but always had time for fresh fruits (tons of fruit!  Nature’s candy, FTW!)  and vegetables.  I can’t imagine a week-long McDonald’s bender; my stomach would never forgive me, for starts, but I truly no longer desire it.

Have you always been a healthy eater?  Do you find yourself preferring “real” food more, or is it still a struggle to resist foods that offer little nutritional value? For the most part, it’s an off-again, on-again struggle with my cravings.  However, “allowing” myself permission to eat whatever I want has played a major role in helping me conquer my binge eating urges.

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz