How is everyone?

Got good grub in your guts?

Yay for alliteration!

I’ll be candid, ya’ll.  I’m still wearing my brave face.  I’m still scared, I’m still anxious, and my eating shows it.

However, under the circumstances, I’m doing pretty darn good.

Amor and I shared this, by which I mean, I drank 99% of it. Not bad.

I haven’t binged again, but I have been reaching more into the comfort food than I really need.

My stomach is mad at me.

I’m tired and lethargic and cranky.

But!  Let’s focus on the positive.

Cheapest GF bread at the store. Not bad, but not amazing.

My body, in amongst its craving for chocolate, pastries, and comfort food, has been demanding vegetables.

In large quantities.

I’ve also been doing a good job of limiting my portions of sweets to a single serving at a time.

This is comfort food defined. A good ol' PB & J.

I’m overeating, sure.  I’m not exercising, yeah.  But in the grand scheme of things, it could be a whole lot worse.

And, to be honest?  I’m actually honoring my needs.

If I want a serving of chocolate chips, I’m going to eat a handful of the tiny little chocolate pockets of happiness.  If I’m craving sope, I enjoy my sope and share it with my friend.

PB & J brings me back to my childhood.

And by gum, if I want a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for dinner, I’m darned well having a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for dinner!

I picked up this loaf of Gluten Free Tapioca bread tonight at the Co-op while I was out with Em.

Most of the gluten free breads start at around five or six bucks a loaf, and I hesitate to pay that much for bread when it’s simply a craving.

Anybody know what kind of mango this is?

Then I saw the tapioca loaf for around three and a half bucks, and I went for it.

Yes, I just bought a loaf of nutritionally void fluff, but it’s my fluff.

It was extremely dry, and it took about two glasses of water to make it through my sandwich, but the taste was pretty spot-on.

You can tell by the brown spots that this was an amazing pear. So juicy and ripe!

I doubt I’ll buy it again, but it was fun for what it was.

I’ve found that my bread cravings have pretty much tapered off, but it’s the sandwich contents that I have hankerings for these days.

I mean, it is pretty hard to eat a pb & j…potato?  Rice cake?

Dozens of cherries were harmed in the shooting of this picture.

For dessert, I enjoyed most of that huge, delicious looking mango up there (anybody know what kind that was?) and polished off a pear soon after.

Then, it was grocery time!  Yay!

I love grocery shopping.  Like, I want to squee-glomp the grocery store every time I go.

I was craving hummus and cucumbers like a crazed hippie.

I spend way too long poring over the fruits and veggies and the bulk bins.

Plus, I talk to myself.

“No, I don’t want hummus.  Too expensive.  Wait, what?  It’s on sale!  Score!  I need cucumbers!”

Then I run all the way back to the produce department while my wonderful and patient Amor waits for me back by the hummus.

Delicious, crisp grapes rounded out my evening.

Then I head home, only to pick at everything while I put it away.

It’s too hard to resist, dude.  Those shiny red cherries winking up at me?  The sweet promise of a grape?  The plastic tub of hummus giving me knowing glances?

It’s a mad rush to get everything put away, then I pounce.

How long do you wait after grocery shopping to break into your food (especially new, particularly tasty foods)? I can’t wait.  I’m so impatient.  Immediate gratification for the win!

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz