Morning, guys!

Everyone sleep well?

Me, not so much.  I kept getting tangled in my trousers.

(Get your mind out of the gutter!)

I have a pair of pyjamas bottoms that I really need to throw out.  The pants are a size 3x and the drawstring is broken.  They’re held together by a series of knots, and they drag about three feet behind me on the floor.

However, they’re old friends, and you can’t just part with old friends by just throwing them away.

Mmm, muffins for breakfast.

There needs to be a sending-off ceremony or something, right?

And no, before you ask, I have never broken a bottle of champagne over a friend’s head then pushed them into the water to bid them fond adieu.

Maybe bonked them on the head a few times with a 2-litre of soda, but never champagne.

Too expensive.

These taste even better the next day. Yum.

I realized something horrifying this morning.

When I baked my muffins yesterday, I thought I was innocently baking a batch of gluten free banana walnut muffins. (By the way, Amor loved these.  His words — and he’s a steak and potato sorta guy — “Oh, wow, these are so good!”)

Normal, right?

But, no.  Put these in the sunlight and they sparkle like a daggum chandelier.

A tablespoon of peanut butter and a banana.

That’s right, guys.

I made vampire muffins.


(For the record, I am so not a Twihard.  I tried to read the book, but Bella was so two-dimensional that I quit reading a couple hundred pages in.  And the movie made my brain hurt.  However, if you like Twilight, power to you!  My brother, who is an exceptionally intelligent man, loves it.)

I love peanut butter and bananas.

Another thing I learned?

I don’t do “light” breakfasts.

I’m meeting my friend today for our much-anticipated lunch date, so I decided to enjoy a light breakfast as to not ruin my appetite for my early lunch.

After smearing the banana with the peanut butter, I cut off pieces and ate it with my peanut butter spoon. Double pb euphoria!

Yeah, I don’t do light breakfasts.

After eating one of my awesome sparkling vampire muffins and a banana with a huge gob of peanut butter, I went back to the fridge to forage for something else.

And ran into my old nemesis, swiss chard.

Heaping pour of blueberries, half-pound of strawberries, and red chard.

I hate throwing away food, so I decided to blend it into a smoothie.

Dude, my fruit-to-chard ratios were exponentially greater, and still all I could taste was the awfulness known as chard.


No.  Never again.

But, you know me.  I ate it anyway.  I hope I can rest assured that a healthy burst of vitamins are coursing through my body and the bitter aftertaste in my mouth isn’t the chard slowly but steadily plotting my demise.

Have you ever purchased anything that you just hated and couldn’t choke down, no matter how you prepared it? I generally do not let food go to waste, but I happily threw away the other half of the bunch of chard.  Ew, ew, yuck and ew.

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz