Afternoon, folks!

‘Cha up to?

Good, good.

I’ve been a busy girl this afternoon.

You see, when I’m anxious and worried, I have to stay busy.  Cooking is therapeutic, and I love throwing various ingredients into a bowl and watching and waiting to see how they turn out.

First, a fail, for your viewing pleasure:

Tasted great, but the texture was off.

I tried to gluten-free my Mom’s sour-milk biscuit recipe.

It tasted pretty dang good.  At least, that’s what I thought, three biscuits later.

However, they were very crumbly, and either I need to give in and add gums, or find another binding agent to make them work.

Gluten free biscuit with a generous drizzle of honey.

Then, I started on another recipe.

All this talk of muffins made me want muffins in a serious way.


Omigosh! Best muffin ever!

However, before I give you this recipe for my Gluten-Free Banana Walnut Muffins, you must promise me something.


Promise me.  Promise me you won’t screw around with the recipe to cut the calories or make it “low fat” or anything like that.


Perfectly sweet and moist with a wonderful balance of flavor.

I can tell, when I look at somebody’s pictures of their muffins, if they did something silly like using applesauce in the place of the oil.

The texture is off.  They look dry and lumpish, even though the baker rushes to assure you how moist they are.

So, like, what?  Two tablespoons of fat, spread out over the course of a dozen muffins, is going to make the muffin top miraculously appear right over the waistband of your jeans?

Best muffins ever, no doubt in my mind.

And if you try to take out the sugar and sub in something hideous like sucralose?

I will march to your house and give you sharp, swift kick in the shins.

Don’t try me.  I’m very serious about my muffins.

These muffins are both somehow light yet dense, moist, hearty, sweet (but not too sweet!) and extremely healthful without tasting like health food.

I am in love with my muffins. Is that weird? If so, I don't want to be normal.

So promise me.

Promise me you’ll make them as is, without taking out the sugar or fat or trying to change them around to make them “healthier”.



I’ll have the recipe up tonight, then.  Only after I have your solemn vow, of course.

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz