Afternoon, guys!

How is everyone?

Chillin’?  Sweet.

Okay, wow.  I’m just, like, ridiculously hungry today.

It’s funny, after the eat-fest of the past few days that my stomach still has room for more food.

Even curiouser?  I have absolutely no desire for junk food today.

This contained everything a person could ever possibly want in a salad.

For instance, when I awoke this morning for a craving for straight-up peanut butter, I was worried that I was still in binge-mode and my cravings would never sort themselves out.

However, breakfast kept me satisfied all the way until lunch, when the voices from inside my tummy roared, “Salad!”

Yes, my tummy has voices.  They sorta sound like a cross between Kermit the Frog and Alan Rickman.

I stole Em's idea for her Southwestern salad. Still delish, but I prefer hers better.


I packed my mixing bowl full of crisp romaine, a huge mushroom, a half a large tomato, the last of my red bell pepper, a wedge of onion, a chiffonade of cilantro, a half a cup of hominy, a cup of black beans, and a half a monster avocado.

Chiffonade.  Doesn’t that sound pretentious?

The fact is, it’s the only way I can slice the little buggers.  Just roll the cilantro up tightly then chop away.  Job well done!

So good! I hate to admit it, but I love salad.

Even though eating this ginormous salad took me over a half hour of non-stop chewing, I was surprised to find myself still hungry afterward.

My stomach resumed its high-pitched and oddly appealing growling (hey, Alan Rickman and Kermit are just plain hot) even as I crammed the last bite into my mouth.

More food?  Why, sure!

The last of my very shriveled grapes and a black plum.

I finished off my grapes, and threw in a black plum for good measure.  Unfortunately the grapes were, by this point, starting to resemble raisins.

Still tasted good, and that’s what matters.

Am I right?

Dissenters may exit stage left.

Danger! Danger! Keep out!

After I finished the grapes and plum, my stomach was still not-so-subtly trying to get my attention.

When my stomach hails me, it’s about as discrete as mixing stripes with plaid.

Fine, fine.  I hear you, daggum tummy.  Sheesh.

So I dipped into a jar of poison.

Did I feel fear? Sure. But I forged on bravely.

That, my friends, is my dark chocolate peanut butter stash.

The secret to making good chocolate peanut butter is to zip right past the cocoa powder and dive head first into the good stuff.

I mixed in about an ounce and a half of 85% dark Lindt, melted, into my peanut butter.

Oh dear.  Oh my.  Oh dear, oh my, indeed.

It was the texture of thick ganache. Wow.

When I first mixed my batch last night, I timidly added cocoa powder and maple syrup to my pureed peanuts.

I had Amor take a sample, and he said, “Tastes like peanut butter.”

Fail!  Wrong answer.

Ignore my scary thumb. Look how the peanut butter resembles frosting? Heaven.

I would not be thwarted to easily, however.

So, determined, I melted in four blocks of dark chocolate.



Looks better than it tasted, alas.

I smeared a generous couple tablespoons of my peanut butter onto a chocolate rice cake — and my mouth sang.

After the music died down, though, my stomach picked up the tune.

Yep, you guessed it.  Still hungry.

I filled a bowl to the brim with a half of a huge personal watermelon.

Still was pretty tasty, though.

The watermelon wasn’t as ripe and juicy as I would have preferred, but it wasn’t too shabby.

However, I think I’m still hungry.

How strange.

I might be eating dinner early tonight.  I’m craving something hearty and delicious, so I’m hoping I’m feeling creative enough to whip up something to satisfy my hunger beast.

Do you ever have those days that you’re insanely hungry and can’t tame your inner hunger beast? Yep.  I could definitely go for another snack.

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz