I sense a theme here.  XYZ vs. Chocolate — who will win?

Good morning!  Sleep well?  Good, good.

But seriously, that was an epic duel this morning.  I was faced with a quandary: which gets the honor of gracing my quinoa porridge this morning, maple syrup or chocolate peanut butter?

!!Spoiler Alert!! I couldn't choose, so I added both.

Just FYI, I can’t mix flavors.  Skeeves me out.  Yes, I’m weird.

If I went with the chocolate peanut butter, my mouth would be thrilled.  I’m craving it like whoa.  I made this huge batch last night, and the flavor is nothing short of perfect.

I want it.  I want chocolate peanut butter on toast, on porridge, on rice cakes, in my coffee, off a spoon, in my mouth, whatever!  Just feed me the chocolate peanut butter.

I think my peanut-butter-to-porridge ratios are off.

But then…

Then there’s maple syrup.

Maple syrup is one of my favorite flavors, ever.  And peanut butter with maple?  I just may die of sheer bliss.

Plus, if I went the maple syrup route, I’d also be able to enjoy peanut butter…just not, y’know, chocolate peanut butter.

For some reason, gloopey rivulets of brown don't make for lovely pictures. My apologies.

In the end, it was a draw, but only barely.

However, I think the maple merely conceded, and it actually just permitted the chocolate peanut butter to chill with him and his best mate, creamy peanut butter.

Still.  For some reason, mixing chocolate peanut butter with maple syrup is nothing short of anxiety-inducing, which is odd, since I added a generous pour of maple to the chocolate peanut butter when I was creating it.

I’m just odd like that, I guess.

Do you have any weird food quirks? I also have issues about mixing nut butters, but I’ve been challenging myself on that one.  I have no idea why it bugs me.

And yes, by the way, I totally attacked the chocolate peanut butter first thing, then slowly savored the rest.  Can’t let those flavors co-mingle for long, you dig?

Oh, one more question.  Does anybody know if it’s possible to move my blogroll to the right-hand side of the page?  Having it on the left feels cluttered to me.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz