When selecting a blog title, I tend to write the first thing that pops into my mind.

Tonight, it’s the sheer fact that I have successfully burnt off my taste buds.

Anyway, I have no tongue!

How are you?  Good?  Still got your tongue?  Even better.

A fistful of macadamia nuts were enjoyed as a snack.

You just might be wondering why I have no tastebuds anymore.

Am I right?

I shall tell you.

But first: lunch!

Osito helped me enjoy this extremely ripe apricot.

Unfortunately, my friend and I were unable to enjoy our date.  Something came up on both our parts, so we have postponed it for hopefully later this week.

Instead, I enjoyed a handful of macadamias and as I placed my apricot on the table to photograph it, Oso swooped in.

After a perfunctory lick, he batted it onto the floor.

A half of a wonderfully ripe and juicy honeydew melon and a half a pound of frozen strawberries, mixed with a half a bag of spinach, made the BEST smoothie ever!

Yes, I ate it anyway.  No, I didn’t wipe it off.  Floor dust helps bolster the immune system, didn’t you know that?

At least I hope so.  I imagine a few more rounds with Oso and my food and I’ll be bench-pressing Volkswagen cars for recreation and leisure.

At least, my immune system will.

Look closely, and don’t blink or you’ll miss it:

No haters! Darn tootin' I'm a Vikes fan.

Did you get that, or was it gone too fast?

That, my friends, was the only green I consumed today.

Green representin’ in purple and gold, holla!

Okay, okay.  The Amor is from Minnesota.  I, through some strange osmosis, have also taken up the Vikings pride.

No regrets.

A half a sweet potato, a 1/4 cup peanut flour, dash of cinnamon, and real maple syrup. Mmm...

Lunch wasn’t complete without a little dessert, so I enjoyed the other half of my roasted sweet potato from last week.  Maple syrup + peanut butter + cinnamon + roasted sweet potato?  My tastebuds died and went to heaven.

Later today, they just died.

Do me a favor?  Please, please, please do not sift through my archives and tell me how old this potato is.  I do not want to know.

I want to enjoy it for what it was and pretend it’s not gonna make me sick.

Besides, my immune system benches Volkswagens and eats food that Oso licked and batted onto the floor.  An old sweet potato?  Psh, walk in the park.

I love these Bora-Bora bars. They're like eating a cookie.

For dessert round two, I enjoyed the other half of this Bora-Bora bar (say that three times fast) from the other day.

Again, please don’t tell me how old and stale and ganky it is.  I prefer to live in the moment, okay?

Rock on.

And now, the answer to the question you’ve all been waiting for: What, exactly, happened to Kaz’s tastebuds?

Vinegar and Salt Popchips. I owe my raw and tender tongue to these bad boys.

As I was wandering around Target earlier today to get my dish-washing detergent fix, I spotted these.

Yes, I have a dish-washing detergent problem.  I go through almost a bottle a week.  I’m in a twelve-step program for it, and I’m slowly weaning myself down to two loads of dishes a day.

Amor is very supportive of me in this.

Tasted just like a cookie! Best 77 cents ever spent.

As for the popchips?

It wasn’t a binge.  It was a very deliberate act.  I bought them full well knowing that I was going to eat them all in one sitting.

Heck, I don’t even like chips, but my emotions are soaring high and I knew if I tried to ignore the craving, I’d eat something else then go back and eat an entire bag of Amor’s chips.

I planned them into my dinner, and I do not regret it one bit.

And a touch of sangria for dessert.

And that Peanut Butter Larabar?  Omigosh.

Tasted identical to a real peanut butter cookie.  I’m in smit.

And now I’m sipping on some sangria, inspired by Megan.  To make enough for myself and Amor, I used about two cups of mixed cherries, strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, a splash of orange juice, about two servings of leftover mead, and about 3/4 of a can of seltzer and let it sit for about, oh, five minutes?  Yeah.

You guys are the best, you really are.  I never imagined I’d receive such warmth and support, but you’ve proven to be such a good and wonderful community.  Thank you so much for your kind words, well wishes, and love.  You are all the best!

And, since I really haven’t asked a real question lately, here’s one for you:

When you’re craving “bad” food, what do you do?  Try to wait it out?  Enjoy it in moderation?  Eat it with guilt? As you can see, I fit it into my daily eats.  The rest of my diet is so healthful and balanced that I see no need to kick myself for enjoying some crisps as part of my dinner.

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz