Yes, that’s a lousy pun.  You’ll forgive me, I’m sure.

Afternoon, guys!  How are you?  Alles gute?  Sehr gut!

By the way, what’s the difference in spelling?  Why does one have an ‘e’ on it, and the other not?


And yes, my cat kept trying to hop onto the table and steal my breakfast, so I yelled at him in German.  Some word that has a ß on the end of it and the word “katze” but I won’t repeat it here.

My sister took German in high school, and all I learned was how to say good morning and how to cuss out my cat.  Go me!

This bottle stole. the. show. Oh my yes!

After successfully shooing away the cat, I whipped up some of my amazing light and fluffy pancakes.

Okay, I lied.

I messed around with the recipe today (I blame the fact that I had barely any hot tea in my system at the moment) and utterly and completely screwed them up.

Em's breakfast. Um...that's not a pancake?

Em’s awesome.

I told her my predicament, and she smiled and said something along the lines of, “Yay, crepes!”

Crepes it was!

Peanut butter sauce, bananas, almond butter sauce, and maple syrup. Yum!

Messing up the pancakes wasn’t my only fail this morning.

I also…ahem.  Accidentally cooked the peanut butter glaze.

I was so excited to have Em over, and we were chatting a mile a minute, that I failed to take it out of the microwave after ten seconds.

Messy or not, it still tasted fantastic.

It almost boiled over.

And who knew you could actually successfully cook peanut butter?

Now you know.

We rolled with it, though, and happily smeared our crepes with the cooked glaze.

My mouth was watering. It was torture to hold off and take this picture.

It worked out.

Oh, another thing I messed up?

I forgot to oil the pan on the third crepe.  FAIL.

We got a crepe each, and I’ll admit, I was still hungry after eating it.

So good! Real maple syrup makes the difference.

I had a banana before my friend arrived, but my stomach was roaring at me after I finished the last bite.

Yes, I’m a bottomless pit.  I licked the almond butter sauce bowl clean.

Then, I took my spoon and dipped it directly into the peanut butter jar.

Much better.

I licked my plate clean. For real.

I’m off to get my shower, and my friend’s coming back and we’re going off on a wander together.

A wander.  Not a walk, not a stroll, but a wander.

They’re ever-so much more fun.

Thank you for your kind words on last night’s post.  You guys are all so wonderful! I truly appreciate each and every one of you.

(PS: If I fail to comment on your blog, please pummel me with a frozen carp.  I love to read your blogs so if I overlook ANY of you, I’ll be epically sad.  I mean it.)

I’ll have my camera with me, so I hope to have some lovely pictures for you this afternoon.

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz