Good afternoon!  How are you?  Good!

I’m glad to hear it.

I’m good, too.

I just had probably one most filling, delicious salads ever.

I love huge, heavy salads like this.

You know what’s funny?

I used to think I hated salad.

I thought it was diet food, and only liars and rabbits claimed to like salad.  (And yes, I have had rabbits lie to me before.  Sneaky little beasts, they are.)

Then I realized that it’s not the salads that are awful, but what people are putting in them.

Yes, that is an entire half of an avocado. Who needs salad dressing?

You see, people sometimes tend to think “weight loss” when they assemble their salads.

They fill them with watery, mushy bulk-fillers.  They ruin them with cucumbers and carrots and sodden balsamic vinaigrette.

Yuckdom to the max.

I got sick eating a salad once.  It had cucumbers, carrots, and watery vinaigrette.  Gag me.

In addition to the avocado, I dumped nearly an entire cup of beans onto the top as well.

I like my salads to be a nice bed of crisp lettuce (no spinach or spring mix for me, thank-you-very-much!) and then all the yummy toppings I could ever desire.

I started with an entire mixing bowl’s worth of romaine and green leaf.

See?  You don’t need mealy to have a crisp bowl of yum.

No mushy, watery salads for me, thanks!

A half a chopped tomato, an entire huge button mushroom, a large wedge of red bell pepper, a few tbs of cilantro, a generous handful of celery greens (my new obsession!) joined the fray.

Yes, I’m obsessed with celery greens.  I picked out a bag of celery last night with the entire intent of grabbing the leafiest ones I could find.


They're getting a bit up in days, but still crisp enough to enjoy.

Then, I added an entire half of a creamy, perfectly ripe California avocado to the bowl.  But, not before I added almost a whole, heaping cup of chickpeas.

Salad dressing is for…I dunno, rabbits?

Don’t tell me rabbits don’t eat salad dressing.  I used to have one that would eat pasta with meat sauce and wash it down with coffee.

And, for dessert, I nommed down on half this Bora Bora bar. Yum!

I wouldn’t lie to you.

Honest truth, right there.

Avocado only is exponentially superior to any salad dressing.  You can mash it down with your fork, or spear large hunks into each bite.

I, being she of the discriminating palate, obviously love my hunks.


Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz