Afternoon folks!

How are you?  Good?

I’m going to try to make this quick because I am restless and antsy and want to go outside and play.

That is, if my stomach calms down.  Ugh.

So ripe and juicy, you could eat it with a spoon.

My appetite has been off the charts today.

Earlier, when I was prepping Amor’s dinner for the crockpot, I spied a pear beckoning me from the hanging fruit basket.

You have no idea how hard it is to wolf down fruit while you’re busy chopping potatoes, do you?

I made it happen, though.  No big.

Almost the same as yesterday's salad, but just as awesome.

Then, since I was craving salad, I went with it.

It was just like yesterday’s salad, but I went all sneaky-type.

As I was pulling out the usual components, on a whim, I grabbed the bag of spinach.

I hate spinach.

I only eat it in green smoothies, but my body told me to, and when the body speaks, I listen.

A half a can of chickpeas and a half an avocado. Yum!

I chopped a small fistful of spinach into itty-bitty pieces and buried it between layers of celery greens and romaine.

Success!  I couldn’t even tell it was in there.

Yeah, I just snuck myself some vegetables like I’m a small child.  You judging?

Of course not.  I knew better than to doubt ya’ll.

I loved the bites that had both the chickpeas and the avocado. Too good!

Yes, I just said “ya’ll”.

Figured it was about time.  I am Southern, after all.

This salad took me the better part of an hour to eat, and I was seriously shoveling it in.  If eating salad were an endurance sport, let’s just say I was in the zone.

Like, after awhile, I just went through the motions of stab-chew, stab-chew.

Of course, there were those occasional bites that exceeded the best, and that made me happy.

Stab-chew.  Ew.  Why does typing that skeeve me out?

Almost finished with all four pounds. Yikes.

For dessert, I noshed on some grapes.

It was another one of those things that I was craving, and I simply went with it.

Sheesh, I’ve went with it all week.  Can you believe that four-pound tub of grapes only lasted me since Saturday?

I wanted you to see how large these bowls are. I make epic eats.

There’s a small cluster left, and they’re mine.  All mine!

If you put your hand near them…well, don’t.  It’ll be dangerous.

Does stab-chew ring a bell?

Yeah.  I’m territorial when it comes to grapes.

Total juxtaposition, but I thoroughly enjoyed both.

And, for second dessert, chocolate.

Yes, I’m very much aware in the contrast between the ethics and quality of both of these chocolates.

I discovered how much I like Hershey’s Dark by fluke, on an airplane.  I needed chocolate and that was the only thing available.  It has a toasty, almost coconutty taste to it, and we know how I love me some coconut.

I needed chocolate again, today, too.  I don’t really like it that much, but some days I honestly need it.  The smile that spread across my face when I popped a piece into my mouth says it all.

Are you a chocolate person?  If so, dark, milk or white? I used to think only snooty snobby-pants ate dark chocolate, but one day I was craving it, went for it, and haven’t looked back.  I still prefer vanilla, though.

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz