Good morning, folks!

How are you?


Sorry — is that getting too campy?  I’ll stop, if you want.

I once had a teacher who would start our classes with a song and dance, literally.  Like, she’d tumble in, flail her arms in a  circular motion, and break into song for us.

We loved it.

You know what else is lovable?  Other than small, fluffy kittens?

My breakfast.

These little guys played an integral part of my breakfast today.

My breakfast was a bowl of walking contradictions.

Wait, my bowl walked?

Sure, it walked right up to my mouth and emptied its contents into my stomach.

I love bowls that do all the work for you.  Now, to work on that “deliberately dumping half into my lap” issue.  Ornery bowls!

The last of the blueberries made their final, encore appearance today.

I wanted a bowl of cold, hot cereal, but served cooled down.

Did you get that?

Should I repeat it?

I wanted a bowl of hot cereal.  But I also wanted cold cereal.  So I turned my cold cereal into hot cereal.  Then I wanted it served cooled down.  So I did.

Quirky? Weird? Yes. Tasty? Oh yes.

Let me explain.

I didn’t want to hover over a hot stove for quinoa porridge.  But I wanted a warm breakfast.  But I was craving the milk that comes with cold cereal.

So I took my brown rice puffs, which turn to mush and fall apart in milk anyway, and turned it into hot cereal.


This was so good! The cereal wasn't mush, but it was quite creamy.

I took two cups of brown rice puffs and mixed them with a cup of water.  I added cinnamon and a banana, and nuked it for two to three minutes until creamy.

I added in one tablespoon milled flaxseed, a quarter cup of almond milk, and a quarter cup of egg whites, and stirred, then nuked on half power for two minutes, then full power for another minute.

By the way, it was an awesome texture before I added the egg whites.  If you are a vegan, definitely add the flax and almond milk and enjoy it like that.  However, I felt like I needed the protein today, so egg whites it was.

This took about five minutes to whip up.

Since this was an experiment, I chose to cook it in the microwave.

However, as we all now know, cooking it on the stove top is the way to go.  When I make this again (and I most certainly will), I’ll do it that way.

And yay for non-ganky bananas!

Finally, finally, finally!  My new bananas were ripe, and they were sweet and oh yes good.

Topped with almond butter honey glaze. Perfection!

Since I wanted my hot cold cereal served piping hot yet cold, I added another splash of almond milk.

And of course, almond butter glaze.

This made a huuuuge bowl of yum.  It was light, creamy, fluffy, and oh-so good.


What do you typically crave for breakfast when you wake up? For me, it’s always sweets.  I see people eating savory breakfasts and I admire their stomachs of steel.  I can’t do salty in the morning.

Sorry about my goofy questions.  Sometimes, the old brain is a bit slow to fire in the morning.

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz