Good afternoon, guys!

How are you?

I’m glad to hear it.  I’m doing good, too, thanks for asking.

But seriously, I am feeling much better.  I did what I said I would: I scrubbed my bathroom.  My shower has been in stasis for about two months, and my Amor re-caulked it and today it was ready for human use.


It needed a good scrub-down.

Then, I was so exhausted from scrubbing at it for the better part of an hour that I didn’t have the energy to haul my shampoo back in there, so I used Amor’s shower instead.

Maybe tomorrow.

Sautéed green beans and kale. Worlds better than chard.

Being sick is so flummoxing.  It’s quite like, I dunno, being a clumsy brain-parasite in a robot’s body, or something, and the robot is rusty and missing a leg.

Like, you send the signal, “Go!” and the darned robot falls over.

Then you sort of watch dumbly from afar, because you have a computer screen that has a monitor that watches the robot from a wide-angle perspective, even though you’re actually inside the robot’s brain processing unit.

Yeah.  That’s what being sick feels like.

Somehow, the flavor of the soup miraculously improved overnight.

I lost my cell phone on Saturday, by which I mean, I turned my cell phone onto vibrate and threw it into the wrong pocket of my purse and a cursory glance didn’t reveal it so I didn’t bother looking further.

Sick, remember?  Sick = lazy.

Today, I decided to go rooting around for it, and found it in all of ten seconds.  Victorious!

See that red spot? That's Tabasco sauce. I wasn't taking any chances with blandness today.

When I flipped open my phone, I saw that my mum had called over a half-dozen times.

My grandpa is in ill health, so in a panic, I returned her phone call right away.

Her reply? “Oh, I knew you were going to be away from your phone for a few days, but I just called a couple times to check in on you.”

I love her.

Plus, a generous shake of salt and several cracks of black pepper made this soup almost palatable.

Within minutes of talking to her, she interrupted to inform me, “I’ve been eating better.”

I asked her to elaborate.

She did, and for the next ten minutes or so, we discussed what we ate for the past week and how much we enjoyed it.  She had Cheerios and a salad for dinner last night.

Can you see why I started this blog?  I come from a family who loves talking about food, what they ate last, what they plan on eating again.

It may look bruised and ugly, but it was sweet and perfect.

Discussing food is in my genetics, you dig?  I was born to food blog.

Other people may think I’m weird for taking pictures of my food (hey, neighbors!), but I find it endlessly fascinating to ogle other people’s eats, and therefore, I assume they must be as interested in my food as well.

Am I right?

And that’s why I love the food blogging community!  You guys make me feel like my interest and curiosity is normal.

The perfect dessert. Rich, creamy coconut-milk ice cream and block of choccy.

I couldn’t resist another serving of my Amor’s amazing coconut milk ice cream, so I had another small dish.  I paired it with two pieces of Em‘s (hi, Friend!) dark chocolate that she left at my house.

Okay, you know when you buy cheap ice cream, you need to nuke it for a few seconds to make it soft enough to serve?

This stuff is so creamy and fatty that it scoops out perfectly straight from the freezer.

It’s so dang good.

Do you like ice cream?  If so, what’s your favorite flavor?  If not, what’s your dessert of choice? I love anything frozen, and it would appear that coconut is my new flavor of choice.  I also love frosting.  I can pass on the cake, but give me the frosting any day!