Evenin’, folks.

I’m posting early tonight.  Are you excited?

Not half as excited as you will be when you see what I ate for dinner.

My chocolate cravings are out of control.  I don’t want to lament about the woes of my gender, but sometimes there are problems that only chocolate will fix.

Alter Eco Dark Chocolate with Almonds. So good!

After I did my lunch post, I was craving some of that yummy chocolate that my friend — whom I have now dubbed Em (yes, I name my friends randomly; you are Gee and that guy over there is Que) — left behind.

I had half as much as I was craving, and clearly that was not enough.  I ate double the amount pictured.

Epic green smoothie! I love these.

Then I spent half the afternoon scrubbing away at the bathroom.  I went through one and a half Magic Erasers to make that room spotless.

Yeah, no joke.

Dinner rolled around, and I was craving a green smoothie.  I dumped in half a cantaloupe, one and a half cups of strawberries (half a pound!) and a half of a bag of spinach.

Leftover dessert hummus met with almond butter and agreed that they should be friends.

It filled my 24 oz cup one and a half times!

It’s pretty much guaranteed I’m going to be up half the night peeing, now.

I had saved half my leftover dessert hummus from lunch, and decided to incorporate it into the other half of my dinner.

Oh...my...gosh. My mouth just died and went to heaven!

I mixed in a half a serving of almond butter into my leftover hummus (one tablespoon).

Half of it went onto a Lundberg brown rice cake, and the other half onto a Quaker apple-cinnamon.

Then, if I wasn’t half out of my mind already, I slathered a generous smear of strawberry jam all over it.

Best use of chickpeas, EVER.

I can’t decide which half tasted better; the Lundberg really held up, but the apple-cinnamon sweetness tasted like dessert.

Guys: make this.  Make this today, and smear jam all over it.  Then, when you feel like you can’t get any happier, do it again.

I mean, seriously.  You just half to make this! (Okay, that was a stretch.)

What’s your weirdest yummy (or yummiest weird?) food combination? Dessert hummus and jam seems to be the pinnacle of my creativity lately.

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz