Good evening!

Is it sad that I’m seriously looking forward to bedtime tonight?  I have a feeling that I’m going to sleep like a rock.

I hope my optimism isn’t unfounded, but I’m just plain bone-tired today.

Huge, sweet, and crisp, some of the best grapes of the season.

That huge salad satisfied my “nutritional” craving, and I really didn’t get hungry for the rest of the night.

Instead, I decided to sort of snack and graze my way through the evening.

Wow, these look so dramatic! Yay for intense lighting!

My salad dessert was grapes, and my grape dessert were Yorks.

Dessert begets dessert.  You know you live a great life if you follow up your desserts with more desserts.

Am I right?

Of course I am.

I spent way too long playing with these in my light box.

I had an enjoyable chat this evening with Amor’s stepmother.

This lady is so awesome.  Before I came to visit them earlier this month, she found out what I could and could not eat, and when I arrived, there was a Kaz-friendly feast waiting for me with all my favorite foods.

She had prepared sweet potatoes with brown sugar, a huge salad with grapes, garbanzo-breaded fried egg plant, this amazing rice and raisin dish…

Dolmas from the Natural Food Store. Amor and I love these.

She hooked me up with a bag of garbanzo bean flour when I was there, and if you look closely, you’ll see it scattered throughout my recipes.

After chatting with her, I played with the Nikon a bit, and took a bajillion pictures of Hi-Chew in the light box.  I ate three, of course.

And washed my dessert (round three!) down with a dolma from the Natural Food Store.  Amor ate the other.

I love having all these perfectly ripe and juicy pears just sitting around!

Eating a dolma warranted another dessert.

I enjoyed this just-right pear.  I actually had to wrap it up in a napkin to keep it from juicing all over me.  So good.

Then I did dishes, which is awesome because I love having a clean kitchen.

Medjool dates stuffed with peanut butter.

It’s also awesome because that meant more dessert!

Hey, any reason to celebrate, right?

I enjoyed two dates stuffed with peanut butter, and a handful of chocolate chips.

These are Guittard brand, and possibly my favorite chocolate out there.

Then I stuffed the chocolate chips into the peanut-butter stuffed dates.

You’d think I’d be stuffed myself at that point, but I had room for one more treat.

Oh yeah.  You knew this was coming.

I can't wait to have some of this for breakfast!

I hope you stick around tomorrow long enough that I can share this recipe with you!

Thanks for reading, and sweet dreams, everyone!

❤ Kaz