Good evening!

How is everyone?

Good?  Glad to hear it.

I’m so tired, guys.  It’s been a long day.  I worked all day, then I went out for dinner, and then I spent all my money at Target.

In short, it was a blast.

I got hungry after my pear, and half of this fella was enjoyed.

My hunger caught up with me later this afternoon, or maybe it was boredom.

It was a slow, slow day at the office.

Today, work made a snail look like a cheetah.

And, apparently, slow days make me hungry.  Ah, the logic of an emotional eater!  Half a Boomi bar was consumed, either way.  Yum.

Veggie fajitas from my favorite restaurant. Yum!

After work, my Amor surprised me by telling me he was taking me to my favorite Mexican restaurant, a place called Pachanga Mexicana.

I love this place!

One of my favorite things about it is how I can just order off the menu, and without any substitutions or special considerations, I have a tummy-friendly and amazingly delicious meal delivered right to me.

Yummy cabbage salsa. So good!

I saw several things on the menu that looked like I could eat it safely, but I went back to my old favorite: veggie fajitas.

While I waited for them to arrive, I snacked on several (maybe a half-dozen?) tortilla chips while playing Cast That Book, as inspired by The Hungry Scholar.

We had a blast deciding who would play whom in Stephen King’s It.  Yes, it’s already been made.  Who cares?  So much fun!

It was so hard saving leftovers, it tasted so good!

My fajitas came with an assortment of peppers, summer squash, carrots, and broccoli, sautéed in this amazing, somewhat salty seasoning.  I’m not sure what was in it, but I had to restrain myself to avoid polishing it all off.

It also came with perfectly seasoned Mexican rice and whole beans, guacamole, and corn tortillas.


Their beans are the best. Perfectly spiced!

The wait-staff is exceptionally friendly and attentive, and we felt happy and welcome the entire time.

I think we’ve been there at least a half-dozen times or more.  It’s seriously the best Mexican food in the area!

I'd go back just for the guacamole. They gave me 3x this amount. Heavenly.

I can’t recommend it enough.

Want another picture?  Sure you do.

Confession: I didn’t take pictures of my food at the restaurant.  Too shy.  However, you’re getting an eyeful of my boxed leftovers, right here.

All together now! Yumminess!

Hey, we’re food bloggers.  Leftovers are as good, if not better, than initial servings.

After Amor and I stuffed ourselves to the gills, we waddled out to our cars and sped off to Target.

My wallet didn’t stand a chance.

After dinner, I had a sudden and insane craving for chocolate mint. This happened.

I bought an assortment of girly accouterments, a new loaf pan, and with Amor’s brilliance, the rest of what I needed to make my light box.

All the pictures you see tonight?  Taken in the light box.  I think it cost me a grand total of 13 dollars to make?

Thirteen.  Are you scared?  I think it’s a sign.

A good sign.

I named her Luz. Isn't she pretty?

Amor had the genius idea to use tap-lights.

See how wonderful he is?

Instead of having to string up a fancy light from the top, I simply positioned my lights wherever I wanted.


Squee! My new toy! Amor spoils me, for sure.

Not too shabby!

After an insane craving for chocolate mint, which resulted in me downing an entire York peppermint pattie and a half-dozen or so Junior Mints, I strode out of Target with a grin on my face and a new toy in my grasp.

Oh, my wonderful Amor!

An ice cream maker!  No longer will I have to go without simply because I cannot consume dairy.

Does anyone have any recipes, or will I have to get all sorts of creative?

What was your last impulse buy? I’m so excited about my new ice cream maker!

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz