Good morning, guys!

As I sit here, I keep glancing out the window.  You see, I think I’m making friends with the flowers that are growing out there.

Last week, that entire patch of my lawn was deemed weeds, and would be therefore chopped down following a swift and unfair trial.

Two brown rice cakes, sitting around innocently, waiting for their peanut butter.

However, ever since I’ve began blogging, I’ve taken to gazing blankly out the window, trying to find my muse.

It really is a lovely sight:  picture me, slack jawed, glazed look on my face, vacant eyes.

Oh!  Yes.  The yard is a lovely sight, too.

And along came the peanut butter and decided to befriend the rice cake.

Eventually, my eyes fixed onto those flowers, and I’ve been obsessed with them ever since.

They’re bright yellow, and they grow on the ends of these stalks that are easily four to five feet tall.

And, when the sun is shining full-force onto them, they blossom and open up.

Then, the banana realized that its presence was direly needed and flew in to the rescue.

Then, once the sun has completed its course in the sky, and long shadows are cast onto the yard, they close up.

Their survival instinct is amazing.

As I sit here now, the sun is slowly starting to creep around the corner, and the flowers are just beginning to open up for the day.

The best flavor combination ever. Peanut butter and banana are best friends for life.

I’m sure I can make some winsome and romantic allegory about this, but I only just woke up and I’m still sipping my first cup of tea.

No deep, insightful posts from me today.

Or, like, you know…ever?

Each bite contained a bit of happiness.

Does anyone know what those flowers are called?

Anyway, about my breakfast.  Since I seriously doubt you’re here to listen to me fawn over some weeds growing in my yard, am I right?

Yesterday, I pottered around too long and ate my breakfast too slowly.  That resulted in a very hungry Kaz.  Today, I kept it simple.  Two hearty Lundberg brown rice cakes, heaping drifts of peanut butter, and a banana.


I could eat this over and over and again and again.

Unfortunately, I doubt I’ll be able to make a lunch post.

My wonderful Amor has invited me on a lunch date to one of my favorite restaurants and I’m still getting the gist of taking pictures of my food in public.

Thanks for bearing with me here!  As far as I know, I have no more wonky work days coming up, so I should return to my normal posting schedule soon.

What’s your favorite flower? I have a particular fondness for daffodils, since they tend to signal that spring has arrived.

Thank you for reading!

❤ Kaz