A quick hello to everyone!

I have to make this ridiculously uber-quick, since I have to head back to the office in about ten minutes.

This is a re-enactment. For shame!

I never got to finish my breakfast, since my appetite was way off.  I essentially ate all the peanut butter and about half or so of the actual porridge.

As I anticipated, I would get hungry, and this snack held me over until lunch.  Those Bora-Bora bars are good!  The Amor loves them.  I actually stole it from his stash.

Shh, don’t tell.

A salad again? Who is this girl and where is Kaz?!

I arrived home, not too hungry from snacking on almonds and some chocolate covered raisins, and decided a salad would be light and quick to whip up.

Yeah, I guess I didn’t count on how dang long it would take me to masticate the darned thing.

Yummy use of leftovers!

I’m still eating it.

In the bowl that my wonderful friend gave me, I piled up some romaine, half a tomato, the rest of an old avocado, one mushroom, celery greens, and all the remaining beans from yesterday.

Oh, celery greens?  Yeah, genius.  I always chop them off and don’t want to waste them, so I threw them into the salad.  Great idea.  Try it!

Lots of flavors and textures. Not bad, for a salad.

Then, a funny thing happened.

I slathered up a hearty Lundberg rice cake with almond butter and jam, and clumsy me, I knocked it onto the floor.

And, who would’ve guessed, for the first time in my life, it landed jam-side-up!

See how the rice cake is broken? It fell on the floor!

Since I had just mopped and swept in there, I figured I might as well not let my efforts go to waste.

I dusted it off, and ate it anyway.

I live dangerously like that.

Any better in the light box?

And, there’s a very ripe and juicy pear for dessert.  I’m going to smuggle it into my purse and hope it doesn’t get totally dinged up.

What do you think of the light box?  Again, I haven’t installed the light yet, but it’s kinda neat, no?

I don’t like how formal it looks; it’s sort of cold, like, a display rather than food.  But I will definitely use it for nighttime photography.

What do you reach for when you know you have to eat in a hurry?

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz