Evenin’, folks!

Okay, quick question.

When you see somebody in the morning, you say, “Good morning!” You see them in the afternoon, it’s “Good afternoon!”  But if you see them in the night, it’s “Good evening!” because if you say, “Good night!” they’re all like, “What?  You’re going to bed?”

Why is that?

I should warn you, my eats are ugly tonight.

(Wow, I totally just changed the subject without any sort of segue.  Abrupt much?)

Not like, ugly-bad, but like, ugly-hideous.  I was craving comfort food, and apparently comfort food ain’t pretty.

This was pre-dinner dessert. I love eating dessert first!

The snack-bug bit me early tonight, and I dove head first into some banana-date hard-serve.

Oh yeah.

You know banana soft-serve?  Imagine freezing it until it’s the texture of ice cream.  Oh my.

I pureed three frozen bananas and one fresh (some reason, my frozen bananas won’t emulsify?) with a splash of vanilla, a half teaspoon of guar gum, and a whole pitted date.

It may not be stunning, but it sure tasted good!

I froze that bad boy and chowed down this afternoon.  Mmm.

I served it atop a bed of peanut flour and with a scoop of coconut sorbet and a couple pieces of that wonderful Alter Eco Dark Chocolate Almond my friend left behind.

She’s so good to me!

Dinner rolled around with a very distinct craving: I wanted potatoes and I wanted protein.

Fried, crispy potatoes. How's that for comfort?

I softened a half a russet potato in the microwave, then threw it into an oiled pan.  I seared them on high for several minutes, until crispy.

They quickly bonded with a blob of ketchup and made fast friends with my tummy.

For the protein part of my dish, I made a one-egg omelette and stuffed it with spinach and avocado.

Want to know a secret on how to make the best one-egg omelettes?

The pockets of creamy avocado were even better than melty cheese. Delish!


Water is the elixir of life, and all that.  It also makes for killer omelettes.

Whisk your organic egg in a small bowl with about a tablespoon of water, and when you pour it into your hot pan, the water will quickly evaporate off and make for fluffy, tender eggs.

You heard it here first, people.

Crispy and fried to perfection. Potatoes make me happy.

I sautéed the spinach in the leftover oil from the potatoes, just to shrink it and make it more compact.

Hey, I only used one egg and something like a cup of spinach.  I had to make it fit somehow.  Sheesh, I’m a cook, not a miracle worker.

In the microwave, I quickly steamed a couple cups of broccoli florets, then thew them into the hot pan where the omelette and potatoes once resided.

Once they were hot and crispy, I dumped the food onto a plate, slathered it in ketchup, and chowed down.

I ate this times two. It was a chocolate sort of day.

Four pieces of chocolate rounded out my dessert.

How awesome is that?  I ate dessert before and after dinner.  Yes, life is good.

You know what else is good?

Nay, great.  Wonderful.  Fantabulous.  Amazing!  My Amor.  When he arrived home, he announced that he had a present for me.

All natural fruit spread and a lightly salted rice cake. Crunch! This was eaten after grocery shopping.

Oooh, a present!  For me?

He thrust an icy cold carton into my hands.  What?  Omigosh!  He actually went out and picked up more Coconut Sorbet for me after hearing me gush so much about it!


He made a special trip to the natural food store to buy more for me.

(By the way, I was wrong about the price.  It was not 1.79$ but actually 2.79$.  Still, that’s practically a steal!)

I apologize for the late post.  After dinner, we had to run out to pick up groceries, and we didn’t get home until almost eleven.

You don’t mind, do you?

You’re so loyal.  Thanks, guys!

And thanks for reading, even when my posting schedule is erratic!

❤ Kaz