Morning, guys!

Or, err…we’ll just pretend it’s still morning, okay?


So, I’ve decided to change things up a bit today.  Instead of using my typical blue bowl for breakfast, I decided to shake the routine and reached for a white bowl.

What do you think? White, or blue?

I still love my blue bowls and have no intent on abandoning them (I can actually hear them right now, in the cupboard, whimpering at me and trying to look cute), but I need to make room in my heart for the white bowls, too.

White bowls need love, too.

That wasn't just a pool of peanut butter -- it was a full lake's worth!

Another new thing I tried, I actually stole the idea from my friend.  Yesterday, when she picked up the camera and started snapping away at our feast, I opened the blinds and suggested natural lighting.

Immediately, she picked up the plate of cookies, scooted a chair over, and placed it right next to the window.

Remember how well her photos turned out?  Genius!

And that wasn't a stream of honey, it was a river.

So, this morning, instead of taking my pictures on the dining room table like a normal person, I hauled my porridge next to the window, plunked them down onto a chair, and started clicking away.

Actually, my camera doesn’t click.  It sorta chirrups.  It’s coy and likes to flirt with me like that.

My best bowl of porridge yet!

I made sure to use my macro lens today, and while these pictures don’t ooze beauty, I’m pretty sure yesterday’s photo fail was due to just having an ugly breakfast.

However, taking my friend’s advice really helped, don’t you think?  They don’t look as gacky as they did before.

My blue bowls are crying now.  I’m such a bad bowl-mother.

If "too much peanut butter" were possible, then I'm guilty. However, you can never use too much, so I'm good.

The one thing I didn’t change up was how awesome my breakfast was.  This is simply my quinoa porridge from yesterday

No, I’m not eating yesterday’s porridge.  I just used the same recipe.

Geez, guys.  Give me some credit here.

Make this on the stove top and you will not regret it.  Unless, of course, the sleeve of your robe hovers too close to the flame and spontaneously combusts, but that’s not my fault.  That’s your fault. And your robe.

All I can say is, this is pure mouth euphoria.

On a side note, part of the reason I was late posting this morning was because I was talking to my sister, whom I love dearly.

She’s getting a bit of flack for her new diet, and we chatted for a bit about it.

I am very fortunate to have been surrounded by supportive people who respect and care about me and don’t pass harsh judgement upon me for eating differently than them, and I’m thankful for that.

Have you ever changed the way you eat in a significant manner?  How did people react?  What advice do you have for someone who is facing negativity from her peers for trying to make a change in her diet?

Sorry, that’s a ton of questions, but I look forward to your responses!

(Oh, another side note.  Sorry!  Speaking of my sister, I’ll have that recipe up for lunch!  Thanks for your interest in it!)

Thanks! ❤ Kaz