Afternoon, guys!

Hey, wasn’t I just here?  Like, only a couple hours ago?

Pshaw, you’re not judging!  You rock like that.

Like I promised, I have that chili recipe coming up for you this afternoon, but like any playground bully, I’m going to tease you with it and make you wait until the end of the post to receive it.

I’m horrible, aren’t I?

What? Salad again? I must be losing my mind!

Today’s lunch was quick and easy.

I was craving vegetables like a mad woman (mad like foamy mouth mad, not mad like, Grr! I’ll hit you in the head with this cast-iron skillet!) and pulled out my blender.

I set out my kale and lettuce and even had the blender set up and ready to go when I remembered that there was leftover Cucumber-Tomato-Avocado salad in the refrigerator.

And peaches.  And grapes!

Like, whoa!

Yep, salad. But this salad was *good*!

For as much as I love peaches and grapes and leftovers, I didn’t right fancy them to become a pureed mess in my blender.

The was only one solution.

A salad.

Yes, Kaz the Freakshow was craving salad again.

Isn’t the body a clever thing?  Once I started paying attention to it and giving it what it wants, I’ve become exponentially happier.  I truly, honestly feel that paying attention to your body is the secret to beating binge eating disorder.

Creamy avocado, crunchy purple bell peppers, crisp cucumbers, fresh tomatoes...I could go on.

Yes, I used to be a binge eater.  That’s a long story for another post, though.

If you look at my eats from yesterday, I hardly had any greens.  I think my friend’s wonderful salad was pretty much it.

Today, I was craving greens.  Go figure!  Chalk one up for a smart, healthy body.

I piled some kale and romaine in a bowl, then artlessly dumped the last of my friend’s salad atop it.

This is the bowl the salad was stored in. Isn't it pretty? My friend let me keep it!

Question: what the heck is massaged kale?

I tried massaging mine for a couple minutes, but when it sighed and tried to tip me five bucks, I got skeeved out and quit.

I sorta squeeze-crunched it in my fist afterward, but I’m not quite sure why.  Why do you guys massage your kale?  Is it like, the kobe beef of the veggie community?


My favorite bites were the ones coated in avocado. Yum!

I rounded my meal out with a small sweet potato.

For some reason, I almost ate only half of it.  Then I shook my head, asked myself if I was crazy (not crazy, just mad, see the foam?) and ate the entire thing.

I have a weird habit of trying to stretch meals for too long or something, I guess.  There was no way this ‘tater would make two meals, though.  It was roughly the size of my fist.

Almond butter and cinnamon to complement the goodness known as sweet potatoes.

I think this poor potato was a wee past its prime, though, because it remained sort of ropey and tough.

Oh well.  I ate it anyway.

Ate it anyway, ate it anyway, ate it annnnyway just now.  Just now I ate it anyway; I ate it anyway, just now.

Tell me you get the reference.  Please?

It was practically dessert!

And, since I blame the peaches and grapes for deterring me from my green smoothie, they were summarily executed.

I mean, consumed.

Nothing quite says dessert like fresh, perfectly ripe summer fruit.  However, if your fruit starts saying stuff to you, you may be beginning to turn into a mad woman, sort of like me.


The grapes were ripe and sweet, and the was peach extremely juicy and only slightly tart. So good!

And, since you were very patient, for which I am highly grateful, here’s my sister’s awesome chili recipe, slightly modified for what I had in my pantry:

My Sister’s Awesome-Tastic Chili Recipe:

15 oz can of diced tomatoes (I used unsalted)

8 oz can tomato sauce (ditto)

15 oz can kidney beans (reduced sodium)

15 oz can black beans (also reduced sodium)

15 oz can pinquitos (seasoned pink beans)

1/2 cup frozen corn

1/2 tbs dried onion powder (fresh onion preferred)

1 tsp oregano

1/2 tsp basil

1 bay leaf

1/2 tsp paprika

1/2 tsp sweet chili powder

1/8 tsp cayenne (may use 1/4)

2 tbs cumin

1 tsp cocoa powder

Drain and rinse your beans (except for the pinquitos).  Combine all ingredients in your crock-pot (or a large cooking pot).  Cook on high for four hours, or low for an afternoon.


Ran out of chili photos, so here's a gratuitous artsy-fartsy water droplet shot.

Today, when I wandered into the dining room, Amor was sitting there, scooping the last of his lunch into his mouth.  He rose and gave me a warm kiss, and his mouth tasted suspiciously like last night’s dinner.

Lo and behold, he finished off the last of the chili for his lunch!

Hey, if it’s Amor approved, then you know it’s good.

And yes, before you ask, I did add cocoa powder.   It added a subtle richness.  Trust me, okay?  Trust.

Thanks for reading!  I hope you enjoy it!

❤ Kaz