Evenin’, guys.

Well, I have to say it.  Today was pretty darn good.

Good breakfast, good lunch, good company, good snacks, and now a good dinner.

I’m feelin’ pretty good.

I got hungry, believe it or not, maybe an hour after posting that I wasn’t.  My tummy likes to make a liar out of me, evidently.

However, for some crazy reason, I decided instead that it was time to scrub the microwave.

If you remember from breakfast, going elbow-deep in gack and grime makes me hungry.  Nothing screams “Dinnertime!” quite like scrubbing greasy orange stains off the interior of a filthy microwave, right?


After throwing together a quick meal of pasta bolognese — a pretentious way of saying that I boiled some noodles and heated up some Prego and dead animal — for the fella (he quite literally eats the antithesis of me) I went ahead and preheated the oven for myself.

A little burnt, but still quite edible.

I was craving veggies, so that part was a no-brainer.

I chopped up some broccoli and Brussels sprouts, olive oiled the heck out of them, and roasted them at 400 F (convection) for thirteen minutes.

Yep, thirteen.  Don’t worry, it won’t hurt you.

However, I wouldn’t turn my back on that seven.  I heard from six that nine was recently consumed by it.  Uh-huh.  Apparently, six is afraid of seven because seven ate nine!

These were dipped into generous blobs of ketchup and mustard.

I know!  I was horrified, too.

As my veggies roasted, I pulled out an organic egg from the refrigerator.

Then, I thought about it, and I didn’t want eggs.  For some reason, I wanted a totally plant-based dinner.


Simple, quick, but oh-so tasty!

But, I went with it, and I’m glad I did, because it turned out to be fantastic.

I grabbed the last of my remaining chickpeas from the fridge, a half a tomato that was chilling out in a baggie, a bit of leftover avocado, and some kale.

Amor turned to me and stated, quite seriously, “I know why you eat kale.  It adds a burst of color to your food and makes it look more appetizing.”

I love him. ❤

The hint of sage made this incredible!

I finely chopped about a cup of kale and sautéed it in olive oil until vibrant and soft.  Then, I added half a medium tomato, also chopped.

Once the tomato had released its juices, I threw in the chickpeas, added a pinch of dill, and here’s the kicker:

I also threw in a pinch of sage.

Sage is one of those spices that are perfectly savory and instantly remind me of comforting memories.  One of my favorite things at the Thanksgiving table was the bread stuffing (which I can no longer eat), and sage always makes me feel warm and gooey inside.

Evidently sage turns my guts into cinnamon rolls.  Nice.

Hit. The. Spot.

Please make this dish soon, and when you do, do not forget to add the sage!  It’s what, five ingredients?

Seriously.  You forget the sage, I’m gonna haul tail over to your house and kick you in the shins.

Dill-Sage Kale Tomato Chickpea Sauté:

1 cup kale, finely chopped

1/2 medium tomato, roughly chopped

2/3 cup chickpeas

1/8 tsp dried dill weed

1/8 tsp dried sage

Heat pan with olive oil.  Add kale.  Stir until tender and vibrant.  Add tomato.  Throw in chickpeas.  Season with dill and sage.  Devour.

Another reason I love the Amor?  He changed the light bulb in the dining room for me today, just so I could take better pictures.

Improvised light box. Clever, ne?

And, as he was walking down the hall to grab the bulb, he casually added, “You’re so good at crafting things.  Why don’t you just make a photo box?”

No, he didn’t read last night’s post.  He’s just wonderful like that. ❤

Oh, and ignore that strange orange smear on the paper towels in the above photo.  I had ketchup on my finger, and reached for a paper towel…and forgot I was using them to reflect light.

Problem solved.

I’m off to forage.  I’m craving grapes, so I’m thinking I may make a fruit salad.

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz