Hey, guys!

Wow, I had such an awesome afternoon.  Today is shaping out to be pretty dang good.


You ever just have that itch to clean?  It’s one of those hard-to-reach itches, sort of like the ones you get between your shoulder blades.

Snacked on these after lunch.

That happened to me.  I decided after doing dishes that I was going to clean the kitchen, and one thing led to another, and next thing you know, my kitchen is spotless.  Cleanest it’s ever been.

No joke.

I spent two hours this morning, scrubbing my kitchen and living room top to bottom.

I feel gooooood.

Then, my friend stopped by and we went out for sushi.

Over-ripe organic bananas, only 49 cents a pound. Score!

Hi, friend! -waves-  She’s my new friend.  We like each other.  She’s nice.

Seriously, though.  I describe myself as excruciatingly shy, like, beyond painfully shy, but this girl just gets me.  Right away, we were pouring each others secrets out on each other.

It’s love, folks.

I’m very blessed to have met her.  She’s just super sweet, lovely, kind, and compassionate.  And, she keeps feeding me and you know if you feed me you’ll never be able to get rid of me.

My friend and I each filched one of these. But shh, don't tell. I bought them for Amor.

Unfortunately, I didn’t grab my camera before leaving the house, so you’ll just have to picture this ginormous brown rice roll with sweet egg, avocado, and cucumber.

Mmm, I’d go out for sushi just for the pickled ginger.  Good thing they only gave me a small tub of it, or I would’ve eaten the entire jar.

The sushi was great.  They added sesame seeds to it and it was smoky, nutty, sweet, tart, savory, sour…wonderful.  I’d go back for more in a heartbeat. (You hear that, Friend?)

Used to be my favorite frozen dessert, but it's been bumped to second place.

Even though my breakfast held me over beautifully until lunch, my sweet tooth kicked in afterwards and my friend and I went on an adventure to find noms.

Noms.  You know, noms.  Omnomnom.

While we decided where to go, we shared a pack of Mango Hi-Chews.  It actually tasted like mango, and the texture was just plain fun to eat.  Mmm.  I ate two.

We decided to cruise down to the natural food store to find some non-dairy iced delights to slake our sweet cravings.

Check out the swirly ribbons of fudge. So good!

We pored over the frozen food for a bit until we settled on Almond Dream Cappuccino Swirl and, on a whim, we grabbed Double Rainbow Coconut Sorbet.


Now, I’ve tried the Almond Dream Cappuccino Swirl before and I love it.  It is probably the least expensive stuff at the store, at just under four bucks a pint.  I hate to say it, but that’s reasonably affordable.  And, you don’t have to be a coffee lover to love this.  It actually sort of tastes like a cookie.

Worth every cent.

But, step aside, Cappuccino Swirl.  There’s a new girl in town.  Meet my other new BFF.

This stuff is probably the tastiest "ice cream" I've ever had in my entire life.

One more time, with me now: omigosh.


Just hear me out here, guys.  Now, when I give a review, it’s sincere.  I pay my own hard-earned dollars for these treats, so when I say something is good, or worth the expense, it’s truth.

But this stuff?  Just…wow.

Imagine: frozen, lightly sweetened coconut cream.

In taking this picture, I ate another 1/4 of the carton.

And nothing else.

The nutritional stats are amazing, the taste is amazing, and the ingredient list is amazing.  You have to be a coconut fan to love this stuff, but I am a coconut fan and if I could marry this stuff and have small furry children with it, I would.

Bonus?  I paid 1.80$ for it.


Check out the ingredients. Pretty spot-on, ne?

It’s smooth and creamy, not grainy, and it’s not sickeningly sweet.

I want to run back to the store and buy the rest of them.


What new foods have you tried lately that you fell in love with?

Anyway.  That’s all I have for you, guys.  My mind is pretty much blown away by the sheer awesomeness of today.  I’m stuffed to the gills, so I have no idea what’s for dinner.

I’m sure I’ll come up with something.  I always do.

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz