Good evening, folks!

Tonight was been a weird night of eating.  No recipes.  I essentially snacked my way through the afternoon and the night.

I ate about 4/5 of this Larabar. And the pear was somewhat under-ripe. Boo!

I was starving up until dinner time, when my appetite miraculously vanished.

The finger-swipe I took from the almond butter jar may have had something to do with it, though.

Nevertheless, I hadn’t had any vegetables so far today, so a green smoothie was  in order.

1/2 cup blueberries, 1.5 cups strawberries, and as much spinach and romaine that I could cram into the blender.

I was also in dire need of protein, so I mixed some peanut flour with some applesauce and threw it on two stalks of celery and called it a meal.

Celery is just a carrier for the apple-cinnamonyy goodness of peanut butter.

For some reason, my stomach has felt like there’s a huge rock in the bottom of it.  I feel bloated, but I’m not.

The only thing that I’ve been eating in surplus was the brown rice, so I’ve decided to back off a bit on it.

Celery is no rice cake, but it still tastes good.

This makes me sad, of course.  I thought I had my stomach figured out, then it throws another curve ball at me.

Speaking of bloated, I’m not now, but I most likely will be tomorrow.

And one more for good measure.

Why’s that, you ask?

Oh, maybe it has something to do with the two-plus servings of Popchips I had for my second dinner…

One of these things are not like the other...

And the two papaya spears, the dozen-plus pieces of candy…

Weird craving if there ever was one!  After my dinner, I had a sudden and intense desire for a piece of hard candy.  I couldn’t find any in our miscellaneous drawer (you know, that junk drawer that holds dead batteries, old receipts, and random trinkets) and snagged a cough drop to tide me over.

One of these things do not belong. Oops, that's not mine!

Guys, I was bone-tired today.  Getting my shower and putting on fresh clothes was an absurdly difficult ordeal that sapped the last bit of life out of me.

That’s the only way I can justify my eats.  It was a hit of pure sugar, straight to the system.

I don’t even like chips, and I rarely crave candy, but after the Amor and I picked up our movies for date night, I turned to him and suggested we hit up the grocery store for bulk candy.

An assortment of hard candies, gummies, toffees, and delights.

Who am I?!

I’m not one to deny myself what I really want, and I really wanted pure sugar.

I rarely snack on “junk” and I do not feel guilty one bit for this.  It was a treat, and date night only happens once a week.

My mouth is sore, though, from all the salt in those Popchips.  Sure, I had regular potato chips at home, but the pretty bag and the promise of an airy, salty snack lured me in.

And sugared, dried papaya spears. I ate two.

Amor and I watched Alice in Wonderland tonight.  I’ll say that I enjoyed it, but I didn’t love it.  Despite all the hype, I watched it without expectations and was pleased by it.

All in all, a nice evening.

What do you do to unwind after a long week?  And, a bonus question: what snacks do you like to nosh on during the movies? Last week I smuggled a baggie of grapes into Ironman 2.

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz