Today, I can already tell, is going to be gorgeous.  The sun is shining,  there’s a very mild breeze rustling the nodding golden daisies in my yard, and it’s already broken 60 degrees out there.

It’s gonna be a nice day.

I, unfortunately, am gazing out the window, bleary-eyed and blinking, trying to focus but am unable.  I feel as though my mental lens has been replaced and now everything I see is not sharp and macro, but instead bokeh.

I apologize for my weird post last night.  You see, this insomnia is driving me crazy.  I don’t know how to fix it.  I don’t consume caffeine after noon, I keep myself reasonably busy as to wear myself out (I’m a firm believer in NEAT exercise, since I’m too lazy to actually get out there and do anything), I eat right and have eliminated most of my trigger foods.

Refrigerate after opening? Good thing I have been!

So, body.  What gives?

The problem isn’t in falling asleep, but rather, the staying asleep.

Any advice?

At this point, I’m so desperate that if you told me to stand on my head and sing the alphabet backward while picking my nose, I would.

Rant over.  Thank you for reading this far!

Your reward, alas, is not going to be great.  I had an idea for a recipe this morning, but my brain was so foggy, I made a few silly mistakes in the process had to scrap it.

I was hungry, so instead I ate rice cakes with peanut butter and banana.  Real exciting, right?

The usual cast of characters all met for this lovely group shot.

As I type this, I feel my mood lifting and my day getting brighter.  I appreciate the opportunity to vent, guys.

I’m sure the milky chai didn’t hurt, either.

I guess the lesson learned here is, don’t attempt exotic gluten-free breakfasts without having a strong drink first.  I said strong drink, not stiff drink.  Strong drinks help with mental clarity.  Stiff drinks, not so much.


I really ought to read the fine print more. I also had no idea these were US-grown peanuts.

Since I don’t really have a recipe for you, seeing as my original breakfast recipe totally bombed, I’m going to give a brief tutorial on how to make the best milky chia.

Any chai drinkers out there?

Raise your hand.

I love the combination of spice and cinnamon and cloves, and chai seems to offer all of that in a neat little package.  Generally, I drink it unsweetened and plain, just because it tastes that good on its own and needs no accoutrement.

Gratuitous artsy-fartsy breakfast shot.

However, like I said, today was a milky chai sort of morning, so I went ahead and added in milk and honey.

The secret to good milky chia…is in the cup you use.

Yeah, it’s that simple.

You want to use a smaller cup as to ensure that your ratio of milk-to-honey-to-chai is balanced.  If you use a humongous mug like I am generally wont to do, the flavors will get lost and you’ll seriously deprive yourself of a delightful treat.

How do I endure snapping all these pictures when my eats look so darn good?

Plus, there’s something about sipping from a smaller cup that makes it feel more like dessert rather than just a warm beverage to be drank (drunk?  drinked?) with reckless abandon.

Not that reckless abandon is a bad thing.  It just has no place in milky chai.

Start by selecting a medium-smallish mug.  Mine was approximately twelve ounces or so, which meant that the flavor was concentrated and yummy.  See?  Use a smaller mug, and the taste won’t get lost.  If you use a bigger mug, pack the taste with a large road map to your tastebuds to prevent diversion into the yuck-zone.

I used the lighter rice cakes today, and while they're not as good as the heartier ones, the peanut butter and banana taste shone through better.

Yuck-zone?  That sounds like my kitchen sink right about now.

Fill your mug about 2/3 of the way to the top with water, and drop your chai tea bag directly into the cold water.

You read that right.  Yep.  Keep reading.

Place the mug in the microwave and on full power, let it heat for about a minute and a half.  You want it to get hot, but not come to a boil.  If it boils, it releases way too many tannins and becomes bitter.  Or something like that.  I dunno, I saw it on Alton Brown.

Check out the chiaroscuro on this shot! The lighting was intense this morning.

Pull your mug out of the microwave and dunk your bag a few times.  Don’t squeeze it.  First off, that would just be rude and your tea bag would most likely feel violated the offense.  Secondly, it would cause those bitter tannins to flood your tea and make it taste like gack.

Now you’ll want to add your honey.  This is a personal taste measurement, but I filled up a tea spoon with it.  Two words: tea spoon.  Not teaspoon.  I merely grabbed a cereal spoon from a drawer and filled it to the brim with honey.  I estimate that it was approximately two teaspoons of honey.

Stir, and add your milk of choice.  I added almond milk.  Fill the mug up to the brim, and stir again.  Let your tea bag steep for another minute or so, then remove it.

Sweet, creamy, soothing, good. The caffeine didn't hurt, either.

Tannins, folks.  You don’t want resentful, bitter old tannins crashing this tea party.

Sip slowly, and savor.  Watch as your day slowly begins to brighten and your cloud of gloom dissipates.

Milky chai tea is not just the emotional equivalent of a band-aid.  Band-aids just slap sort of down over the wound and conceal it from view.  Milky chai heals.

Thanks for reading!

❤ Kaz