Today was not my day, unfortunately.  It seems like every recipe I tried, I somehow managed to botch it up.

Live and learn.  I know where I went wrong, and with every disaster there’s a redemption.  What was meant to be a gluten free focaccia bread turned into a really amazing gluten free yeast biscuit, and what was supposed to be black bean patties…well, they needed a bit more love than I could offer.

Either way, I do have one recipe tonight that I can share, and at least I took pictures of the disasters.

They weren’t complete failures, I should mention.  But, they required so much salvage work, there is no original recipe to go from.


Mmm, comfort food.

The black bean burgers were loosely based on a recipe that I found online, but they turned out too soppy and goopy to form into patties.  Even though I used only half the egg the original recipe had called for, mine were more pancake-y than patty.  After wasting half the “batter” by attempting to fry it on a skillet, I decided to bake them instead.

But first, I had to add an entire extra hunk of my failed focaccia to help thicken them up.

After these changes, they turned out reasonable palatable.  That is, after I smothered them in ketchup and mustard.

The fries were the best part of the meal.

I actually only ate a bit of the bread.  While it wasn’t truly awful, it resembled a biscuit far too much to satisfy my bread craving.  Plus, silly me, I forgot to add the salt.  I wound up picking most of it off.

The bread was an interesting experience, and one I’m willing to attempt again soon.  While it wasn’t light and fluffy like I had hoped, I think perhaps it was because the dough was too watery and maybe I didn’t add enough guar gum.  I’m still learning how to make gluten-free breads, so I’m willing to try again with those changes.

And this time, not forget the salt.  Gag!

I’m thinking about trying a sweet version of it, since it mostly resembled a shortcake biscuit.  Mmm, now that sounds nice.  Plus, I stocked up on frozen strawberries at the grocery store tonight.

Almost, but not quite, the meal I was shooting for.

The fries turned out great, though!  I really ought to pat myself on the back for my cleverness.

Wait a second.

-pats self on back-

There.  I earned it, after two failed components.

Want to know the secret to crispy-on-the-outside, soft-in-the-middle oven fries?  It’s simple really.  Promise not to laugh?

Use your microwave.

Yes, you heard me.  The microwave.

Right, we’re gonna have to change the name of this blog to “Kaz Uses the Microwave.”  1001 recipes to survive a nuclear blast!

While your oven is preheating to 400 F (convection), slice a large russet potato lengthwise and place it face-down on a dish of water.  Place the potatoes in the microwave for approximately five minutes.

Mmm, steak fries are my favorite!

Here’s where it gets tricky.  You want to be careful to not overcook them.  I almost did, and it was difficult to cut them into wedges.

You want them to be somewhat firm when you pull them out, but with a slight give.  No mush, got it?

Place the halves face down on your cutting board, and slice into wedges.  I got about ten to twelve out of my potato.

Transfer your potato wedges to an oiled baking sheet, then spray (or drizzle) them generously with more oil.  Sprinkle them with seasoning of choice.  Rosemary would be so amazing on these, but unfortunately, all I had was basil and oregano on hand.  That was more than sufficient.

When in doubt, ketchup and mustard will mask any unfavorable taste.

Bake them in your convection oven for fifteen minutes, or until crispy.  Plate them, then cover your plate with an excess of ketchup.  However, you don’t need the ketchup.  These bad boys tasted almost gourmet with their crispy exteriors and squishy guts.

Heck, that makes my guts wanna go all squishy.

Recap?  Sure.

Crispy-Soft Baked Oven Fries

1 large russet potato

1 generous dollop of olive oil

Basil and oregano, to taste

(Yeah, simple.)

Looks almost like a real burger, doesn't it?

Remember: Nuke, firm, slice, convect, dip.

Easy peasy.

Needless to day, eating a handful of steak fries and a blob of black beans did little to slake my appetite.  I foolishly ventured out to the grocery store with an unsatisfactory meal in my tum and spent way too much money on groceries.

I actually have no room to store it all.

My spinach is currently cohabitating with the Amor’s cheddar and roast beast.  My grapes are nestled next to his ground turkey.  My broccoli is coddling his milk.

Coddling, not curdling.

But, the general public response to broccoli might lend to some curdlesome emotions.

As soon as I walked into the door, I attacked.  My fresh produce didn’t stand a chance.

The apricot was tart and the watermelon was sweet. Taste-bud euphoria!

A few undocumented grapes disappeared into my mouth as I put away groceries.  And, I still feel sort of hungry.  I may grab another snack in a few minutes.  Not sure yet.

Of course, as always, if I have something else, I’ll share with you.  You don’t have to give me that puppy-eyed look.

Love fresh fruit!

Thanks for sticking around, even though I had no fantastic recipes to share.

It’s the lamentation of the food blogger.  Share the successes as well as the failures, and don’t shy away from admitting I made a mistake.

I made a mistake.  There.  Whew, that’s a load off my chest!

I know I had something exciting for dinner tonight, and I let you down.  I want to say I have something wondrous planned for tomorrow, but knowing my luck…You’re just gonna have to trust me.

So there.

❤ Kaz

Update: I shared a small mango with the Amor.  No picture.  It was messy and my hands were covered in mango juice and pulp.

Just trust me, it was delish.