Whew, what a day, and I haven’t even had dinner yet!

Getting this blog off the ground is admittedly much more stressful that I originally had thought, and I actually went into snack-mode and forgot to take a picture of something.  Details on that in a bit.  I’m already feeling kinda iffy about WordPress, so if anyone has any better suggestions, please please please feel free to let me know!

My breakfast was a shakeup of my usual.  Ever since having to give up oats, I’ve been wracking my brain for creative ideas on what to eat.  Today, I wasn’t feeling the creative juices, and settled on some quick and easy gluten free pancakes.

See that mug in the background? Size of my head, kid you not. Holds 24 oz of liquid. In this case, it was vanilla chai tea.

Yum!  This was a bit of an experiment, I admit.  I used a mix of gluten free flours, haphazardly measured, and it turned out pretty good!  I’m not too keen on the buckwheat flour, though; it’s a bit grainy.  (Okay, it tastes quite literally like dirt.  But, the other flours made up for it.)

In my mix went:

1/4 cup of (1:3 ratios) of buckwheat flour, brown rice flour, and garbanzo bean flour

1/2 tsp baking powder

1/4 cup egg whites

1/4 tsp cinnamon

2-3 tbs water, to make stirrable

Wanna closer look? Just click me. I ❤ large food pictures.

I oiled up my pan with a bit of EVOO, and poured half the mixture onto the hot skillet.  As it cooked, I dropped a few blueberries onto the batter.  Once the edges were dry, I flipped it.  Ditto for the second pancake.  Once plated, I smeared on a generous

2 tbs. almond butter

1 small banana

1/2 cup blueberries

and happily consumed.  YUM.

Aaand, a bit closer now...there. Droool.

This held me over way past my usual lunch time.  It lasted me so long, actually, that my hunger snuck up on me and by the time I realized I was hungry, I was also impatient.  I had planned on some roasted veggies to serve with my ‘entree’, but was too hungry to bother.

Instead, I began by slicing one large russet potato lengthwise, placing it face down in a dish of water, and nuked it for approximately ten minutes.

While that cooked, I chopped:

1/4 cup green bell pepper

2 tbs minced onion

1/2 tsp cumin

and adding it to

1/2 cup frozen black eyed peas

I cooked those in haste in the microwave, six minutes thereabouts, while my potato cooled.

Didn't I warn you that it looks like dog vomit?

Once my beans were cooked, I strained off the excess water, then pureed the mess with my hand blender.  To that, I added

1/2 cup tinned refried beans

Dash of Lawry’s seasoned salt

and cooked it for another minute or two.

I piled that mess atop my potato, then added

1/4 chopped avocado.

Trust me, it was fantastic.

Despite being a hideous mess, it actually tasted rather good.  Promise!  It held me over, but the stress of working on fixing this blog drove me to crave some veggies and sweets, and thus the Green Smoothie was conjured.

In my blender, I threw:

~1 cup frozen blackberries (blech, freezerburn)

~1/4 cup frozen strawberries

~2 large fistfuls spinach

And upon tasting a sip of it, and realizing that my blackberries were past their prime (seriously, I think I bought them when my kid bro was in town…a year ago), I added:

1 whole, ripe banana

Bliss!  The sweetness masked any gankiness that the blackberries added.

You can't taste the spinach, I promise. It's delish!

I realize most of you food bloggers are familiar with the “green monsters”, but I’ve been slurping down these bad boys for years.  I actually heard of them from the acne.org message boards as a solution to my spotty skin.  Ever since giving up the dairy (and I don’t doubt that these smoothies help), my skin is the clearest it’s ever been.  If I get brave (and that’s a heavy “if”!) I may post a picture of my face later to show you.  Alas, there are no befores, since I always tended to avoid cameras.

And, since I was still in snack mode, here’s my unpictured snack:

2 medjool dates, pitted, and one of the dates were stuffed with peanut butter.  SO GOOD.

Now that I’m full and content…it’s almost dinner time.  Heh.  Hopefully I’ll have a nice dinner picture for you in a bit, though don’t expect anything fancy.  My brain is a bit shortwired right now.

Thanks for reading!

(Hopefully, once I find my ‘voice’, this blog will read a bit smoother.  I realize how choppy and formal I sound, and I swear, I’m really not that stuffy.)

❤ Kaz