Not bad, not bad at all.  Save for those two dates which eluded the camera, I managed to snag a full day of my food.

My snack held me over pretty late; I didn’t eat dinner until 9:30 or so, a full hour and a half later than I’m used to.  You see, I’m trying to learn how to eat intuitively.  For the past two years, every single morsel of food that has passed my lips has been weighed, noted, and documented.  In February, I gave up calorie counting for Lent (not Catholic, but I believe in the idea behind Lent) and was successful.  I’m happier NOT knowing exactly how much I’m eating, and it gives me freedom to eat what I want, when I want, and to eat more if I need it and less if I don’t.  I used to force myself to eat exactly X amount of calories a day; if I ate under, I forced myself to eat more.  And God forbid I eat too many; I’d roll those calories over day after day to get my “numbers” evened out for the month, so each day equaled X amount.

It was madness.

Learning how to IE has been a challenge, and the easiest way to tackle it is to do the childish equivalent of “La la, I can’t hear you,” every time I try to add up my calories.

Today, I challenged myself by NOT finishing my breakfast.  I woke up hungry, but I tend to lose my appetite a few bites in.  I ate all my fruit and all the nut butter, but I left a good two or three bites on my plate.  Turns out I didn’t need them, did I?

Moving on!

My stomach was off after eating my smoothie, and I’m pretty sure the culprit was those blackberries.  Other than the refried beans, they are the only “new” thing I’ve introduced to my stomach as of late, and since the pain started a good three-odd hours after eating the beans and only an hour and a half after the smoothie, I blame the berries.  Live and learn, and throw out old food lest it make you sick!

Dinner was simple and I had originally planned it to be light because I had plans for dessert, but when I headed into the kitchen, I spied a pear ripening on the counter and suddenly realized I had no desire for a fancy dessert.  All I wanted was that pear, and I wanted it now.

I controlled myself.

To tide myself over until I could eat that pear (I have a problem with pears, okay?  That, and bananas), I began prepwork on a simple but delicious vegetable dinner.

As my oven preheated (convection) to 400 F, I sliced some Brussels sprouts (did you know that it’s plural? Brussels sprouts) and cauliflower.  I sprayed my roasting sheet with EVOO, layered the veggies on my pan, and sprayed them with more oil.  I used a teaspoon or so of oil in prepping my veggies.

Check out the baby cauli glomping on the mustard like it's an old friend! Squee!

I apologize for the rubbish pictures.  My kitchen has lousy lighting.  This plate contains:

4 ginormous Brussels sprouts

1 huge wedge of cauliflower

1 tbs ketchup (estimated)

1 tbs mustard

You may think I’m joking, but roasted veggies are the way to go.  The oil helps crisp them up without getting them dry, and you know that lovely burnt char that makes you go back for seconds when you grill?  This.

Ketchup+mustard stirred together screams nostalgia for me.

For dessert, I prepped the whole grain/protein part of my meal.

I hate this plate, but if I can't throw away year old blackberries, how can I bring myself to throw away such a hideous dish?

I know what you’re thinking.  You’re saying to yourself right now, “Gee, that Kaz sure likes to eat stuff that resembles animal puke!” but I’m here to reassure you that I don’t…well…okay.  Lies.  Can I help it that the yummiest parts of my meal look the worst?

In a ramekin, I mixed:

1/4 cup partially defatted peanut flour (more on that in a second)

2-3 huge heaping gobs of applesauce (maybe 1/2 cup?)

1 dash of cinnamon

And stirred until creamy.

I piled it upon two whole grain rice crackers.  I really prefer Lundberg — they’re dense and hearty and don’t taste like diet food.  Plus, they’re a pretty good value.  I paid 2.85$ for 8.5 oz, which beats Quaker’s price of 2.50$ for 4-odd oz.

About the peanut flour — it’s good.  It’s not just good, it’s dang good.  I buy mine from Byrd Mill, and it’s the best value that I’ve found.  (Have you heard of PB2?  It’s the same thing, but much much cheaper.)  I I have purchased from them twice before (they have good customer service and it always arrives quickly), buying the lower fat content both times.  This time, I sprung for the higher fat, and while it has less protein in it (120 kcal and 9g protein vs 100 kcal and 12g protein) the taste is much better, richer.  I eat a ton of peanut butter and have no problem consuming copious amounts when the craving hits (and now having dates in the house makes it difficult to keep my fingers out of the jar) but with all my food intolerances, I snap up protein sources when I can find them.  Highly recommended!

Where was I?

Oh, dinner.

This pear didn’t stand a chance.

It was perfectly ripe and juicy. Omnomnom.

I love pears.  Love them.  This was the type that you bite into it and even though you’re being careful, it dribbles all down your face and shirt.  See those brown spots?  Little bites of heaven.  I gave up pears when I was struggling with my food issues, and wrongfully blamed them for my stomach pain.  Now that the gluten is gone, pears are back.  Fair trade-off, ne?

All together now:

You're not judging me by my yucky kitchen counters, are you?

Perfect dinner.  I tried to hold off from attacking that pear, but I lasted all of .021376 seconds after my last bite of rice cake before that pear was devoured.

However, an hour later I was hungry again.  Nothing sounded good — grapes? No.  Chocolate chips?  No.  Another date?  No.

I realize that my diet has been a bit lacking in fat today, so when I remembered the leftover treat from my movie date Saturday night, I pounced on it.

Ooo, shiny!

I confess, I bought this bar because 1) it was on sale 2) it had a nice ingredient list, and 2) c’mon, look at that wrapper.  It’s so…pretty!

It’s a Pomx Bar.  It claims it’s full of antioxidants, but I didn’t really care.  I told you, I bought it because it looked pretty, and chocolate covered pomegranate?  Yes.  Alas, it didn’t quite meet my expectations, and I’ll probably not buy it again.  They also made a peanut butter one, but for as much as I love dates, the date flavor sort of overwhelmed the taste of the bar, so unless it goes on uber-sale, this may be the last of my Pomx love affair.

Not everything I eat looks like hurl. This one sorta looks like...anyway.

Forgive me for the rubbish light, again.

And there we go.  A full day of my eats.  I still feel sort of peckish, but nothing sounds good right now.  I’m probably going to potter around the kitchen and open the fridge a gazillion times in hopes that something will miraculously appear and sing out to me, but I doubt it.

Maybe I’ll have another date with peanut butter, since I still feel like I should have consumed more fat today.  Fat = satisfaction.  They (whomever “they” are) should change the word to satisfation.  Yes?  Yes.

If I eat anything else, I’ll be sure to note it tomorrow.

I feel good about my protein, though, and I got in a good share of fruits, veggies, and whole grains.  Not bad.

Thanks for reading!  Please come back soon, now, y’all hear?

❤ Kaz