Hey there!  So, this is my blog.

Wow, why am I suddenly so self-conscious?

My goal here is to post what I eat on a daily basis, and I hope to have 3x daily uploads of my eats.  No promises, though.

Here’s the deal: you know all those yummy food blogs that inhale Oikos (and other Greek yogurts) and tofu and whole-wheat bread and all that deliciousness?  Yeah, I can’t eat that stuff.  That leaves me here with a sore tummy, clicking from blog to blog, drooling and jealous about what everyone else is eating.

Enough is enough!  No more envy.  While I wouldn’t wish my food afflictions upon anybody, I feel that there has to be a community out there with food intolerances that would enjoy seeing what I eat on a daily basis.

Oh, one more thing.  I’m a vegetarian.  Yeah.  I didn’t plan on having all these food issues AND be veggie to boot, but that’s just the hand I was dealt.  I’m fortunate I went veggie when I did, because through my vegetarian diet, I was able to systematically realize what was making me sick and gradually eliminate it.  It was hard to say goodbye to so many tasty food groups, and the most recent exile is gluten.  I just now discovered that I’m also gluten intolerant, and I kid you not, I shed tears.  Great, fat, plentiful, overly melodramatic “I’m never gonna get to eat another sandwich again!” tears.

However, I’m a changed woman.  I feel so daggum healthy now.  My life used to revolve around my stomach, and I couldn’t figure out why I was always in pain and bloated.  Ever since kicking the gluten for good, I…I don’t really want to go into too graphic of detail, but I’m alive again.  I no longer take afternoon naps, I’ve cleaned my house from top to bottom just to burn off some of this bounty of energy, and most of my sweets cravings have subsided.  I actually crave vegetables now.  It’s funny, but before, I used to joke that I was the only vegetarian out there that hated to eat her vegetables.

Not anymore.

So please, feel free to join me on this adventure as I track what I eat and share it with you.  I can’t promise it’ll always be pretty (just wait until I post what I had for lunch today; kid you not, it looked like dog vomit) but it tastes good and even better, makes me feel good.


❤ Kaz